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Fighters in Thailand live and train in Muay Thai camps called “Khai Muay.” Members of a camp are like extended families. They eat, train, sleep and socialize together. Muay Thai fighters train twice a day, and are known for their unmatched physical and mental conditioning, as well as their ability to maximize the natural efficiencies of the mind and body. Since he was 11 years old, Coban lived and trained in Camp Lookchaomaesaitong in Buriram, Thailand. He grew up in the ring – fighting as a professional from the countryside of Thailand all the way to the famous Lumpinee and Ratchadamnern stadiums of Bangkok, and other arenas worldwide. Here at Coban’s Muay Thai Camp, you won’t just workout at a gym. You will be a part of our Khai Muay. You will train with Coban everyday. He will show you time- and ring-tested training techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. You will also be inspired by Coban, and learn about respecting instructors, elders and teammates like extended families. As a result, we can help mold you into a great fighter, or simply make you as strong and fearless as one.
Coban’s Muay Thai Camp in New York City offers the widest array of authentic Muay Thai classes.  To give members the fullest experience of Muay Thai, we offer classes covering fundamentals,  pad work, technical sparring, clinching, and more.  
We have categorized the lessons in two class types: Pad Work and Techniques in order to break down cardiovascular work from learning different techniques.

This class is geared for students without experience in Muay Thai or other martial arts. We will cover the bare bone basics, such as how to wrap hands, make a tight fist, how to throw a proper jab, cross, kick, knee, etc. Generally, combinations are not covered in the Fundamentals class. Class focuses on repetition of basic moves so that the student will know how to execute each component well. 

Fundamentals Pad Work: This class focuses on how to do effective and basic pad work while getting a great cardiovascular workout.

Fundamentals Techniques:  This class focuses on learning techniques , such as pivoting the supporting leg during a kick or snapping the shoulder during a punch.

The coaches will review basic techniques and combinations in easy-to-understand segments. Combinations are performed so that the students can understand which techniques go together, what follows what, and why. With enough practice, over time, muscle memory becomes solid, and your body and mind will move together naturally and instinctively.

Beginners Pad Work: Techniques are weaved into easy, but solid combinations. The combinations are short in order to focus on proper pad work, while improving cardiovascular performance. 

Beginners Techniques: This class focuses on cementing and refining basic techniques that were learned in the Fundamentals classes. There will be more techniques and combinations than plain pad work.  Students will learn how to execute proper techniques, learn new ones and polish the old ones.

You will lear more complex techniques and combos. Combos can be short or long. You will also focus on techniques, both basic and complex. In select All Level classes, they will allow students to do FREESTYLE pad work

All Levels Pad Work: Pad work is the focus of this class, but techniques will be incorporated with the pad work so that students can learn how to weave them into challenging combinations as well as get a chance to perfect basic ones. 

All Levels Techniques: Students will learn more complex and challenging combinations, such as spin-back elbows that are followed by knees or kicks, blocks and counters.  

Technical Sparring/Clinching: These classes are a good introduction to sparring, and focuses on technique, not power. The coaches will take participants through carefully supervised drills in basic sparring and clinching. All levels of skill from beginner to advanced are welcome to attend, but we require at least one month of training.

Freestyle Sparring/Clinching: 

In this class, students will begin to put together the basic techniques that were learned during technical sparring sessions, and be able to spar freestyle.  As it should be with all sparring sessions, the focus is on techniques and speed, not brute power. 

Participants must have at least 3 months of experience, and must observe all the rules in sparring. Must have a coach’s approval prior to participation. Must have own headgear, shin guards and gloves.

Boxing for Thai Boxers

Geared towards Thai boxers to improve their hands techniques. Special focus will be on speed/power and defending/countering attacks from elbows, knees and kicks. As a result, reach and upper body movements are different from a traditional Western boxer.

Boxing Pad Work: This class does not include technical sparring. It focuses on basic and short pad work. Focus mitts as well as Thai pads will be used.  

Boxing Techniques: This class will focus on improving techniques, both the basic moves and combinations, such as throwing punches and defending/countering attacks from elbows, knees and kicks.

Clinching: Participants must have at least 6 months of experience at Coban's Muay Thai Camp. Must also have Coban's approval prior to participation.In this class, students will begin to put together the basic and intermediate techniques in clinching.  Participants of this class should be fully versed and experienced in the proper ways of clinching and sparring: focusing on techniques, combination and speed, not brute power.